Sunder Pandey

Mr. Pandey was born in Nepal and has spent most of his life there. He has been in the tourism industry for the last 20 years. He has personally explored each and every place where he takes his tours and established many personal connections that help make Blue Mountain Tours so special. Mr. Pandey loves nature, adventure, travel, learning about local customs and people, and working to make the life better for people that he meets whenever possible. These are the passions that motivated him to begin a travel company all those years ago. He was educated in Nepal as well the University of Japan (Bunkyo University).

Dr. Vicki Toscano

Vicki Toscano, PhD, JD was born and has lived all of her life in the U.S. She is an avid traveler and has visited many countries, including Nepal. Her interest in providing quality tours to Americans and others traveling to Asia was inspired by her first tour of Nepal. The remote beauty and wonderful spirit of the Nepalese people encouraged Dr. Toscano to dedicate some of her time to bringing in travelers to Nepal and working to help better the economic situation of the people. She founded Blue Mountain Tours and Travel, LLC with her husband, Sunder Pandey.


Ishwor Pandey
Asian Regional Director

Ishwor Pandey lives in Nepal and has much experience understanding clients' travel desires in this region of the world. He is always on hand to make sure all of our clients' travels are a success.